Printer Fault
started as an accident in 2019 by Ian Waelder.

was taking the
underground during his first time in Berlin in 2018 and encountered this message on the ticket machine.

Printer Fault Press is an artist-run publishing house that operates from a bedroom in Frankfurt am Main, with a foot in Mallorca. We produce ideas ranging from books, wearables to radio shows and limited edition prints. Supporting fellow artists in Frankfurt and elsewhere, Printer Fault serves as a heteronym to its collaborators and as an excuse to explore ways of sharing works and gestures of art through different projects.

Find our books here:
La Central, Barcelona & Madrid
Laie, Barcelona
Buchhandlung Walther König, Germany
Pro qm, Berlin
rile*, Brussels
Vide Books, Rotterdam
Tambourine, Online

Drop us an e-mail or use our contact form with any questions and Wilson will get back as soon as possible.



>> Clément Cadou, writer, says: I unsuccessfully tried being more furniture, but even that was not granted to me. So during all my life I have been a single piece of furniture, which, after all, is no small thing when you think that everything else is silence.